Now you can contribute to your Assante accounts from the comfort of your home! You now have the flexibility to transfer money from your personal bank account directly to your cash account at Assante, eliminating the need for cheques. Easy and convenient, whenever and wherever you want!

By accessing your personal bank account either online or by telephone at any major financial institution you can now set up Assante as a “payee” just as you would set up an account to pay your bills.

  1. Log into your Bank, Credit Union or Trust company online banking website and select “Add New Payee” and follow their prompts.
  2. Enter payee name as “Assante Financial Management Ltd”
  3. When prompted for your Assante account number, please indicate the number as outlined on your Assante statement, including the letter suffix at the end. The sample statement below highlights where to find this information on your statement.

If Assante Financial Management Ltd is not available as a payee, please contact your advisor. It may be that we are not yet set up at your financial institution.

Investing the Funds

Your transaction will take approximately 12 to 48 hours to appear within your Assante account, depending on the time of day that you processed your transaction. As the funds will be deposited to your cash account, we encourage you to contact your advisor to confirm the deposit and discuss how the funds should be invested.


Should you experience any issues with your set up process please contact your financial institution for further assistance. Please note that online deposits are only available for those accounts for which you receive Consolidated Portfolio Statements from Assante.


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