Developing a meaningful plan takes time, for both our clients and ourselves. The amount of time involved depends upon the complexity of the case and our clients´ expectations and risk tolerance. We use questionnaires to assist in gathering information which allow us to determine risk tolerance and expectations regarding market performance for investments.

The software that we use for developing financial, retirement and estate plans provides realistic "what-if" scenarios that project futur e cash flows and illustrate the impact of taxation over time. Our clients receive a copy of the plan, including our recommendations. This is the document that we use during periodic review meetings, as progress is monitored. The financial plan is the foundation for our recommendations and provides accountability to our clients.

The development and implementation of a plan often requires advice from other professionals such as accountants, bankers, trust officers and lawyers. We employ a team approach in conjunction with our clients´ other advisors, to ensure that our recommendations are considered by all concerned parties.

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